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    Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • 2701 Jefferson Avenue SW
  • Birmingham,AL, 35211

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  • 4246 5th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35222

  • Aletheia House
  • 201 Finley Avenue West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35204

  • Birmingham Healthcare
  • 712 25th Street North
  • Birmingham,AL, 35203

  • Birmingham Metro Treatment Center
  • 151 Industrial Drive
  • Birmingham,AL, 35211

  • Bradford Health Services
  • 631 Beacon Parkway West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35209

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • 700 South 19th Street
  • Birmingham,AL, 35233

  • Fellowship House Inc
  • 1625 12th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35205

  • Jefferson County Committee for Econ
  • 228 2nd Avenue North
  • Birmingham,AL, 35204

  • Oakmont Center
  • 2008 21st Street Ensley
  • Birmingham,AL, 35218

  • Saint Annes Home Inc
  • 2772 Hanover Circle
  • Birmingham,AL, 35205

  • Tri County Treatment Center
  • 1101 East Park Drive
  • Birmingham,AL, 35235

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 1713 6th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35294

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 401 Beacon Parkway West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35209

Recent Articles
Alcoholism can affect individuals of any background, income level, social, ethnic, or age group. Alcoholism regularly affects individuals who are highly educated. Studies show that individuals who are unmotivated are less likely to suffer from alcoholism than individuals who are highly motivated. Alcohol and family issues are an age-old alliance because alcoholism is also referred to as a family disease. Many alcoholics have children. They also oftentimes have wives or husbands, parents, siblings, and other relatives. An alcoholic can completely disrupt family life and cause dangerous effect Alcohol may affect every family member in a different manner. A child may be affected by parental alcoholism even before she is born. When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, her alcohol concentration level is passed onto the baby, therefore, the unborn baby’s alcohol concentration level matches he Generally, the more serious the mother’s alcoholism is during pregnancy, is the more serious the symptoms of FAS in the baby becomes. Infants born with FAS are underweight and shorter when compared to babies born without the syndrome. Further, their brain and skull sustain deformities, which can b
Every year, there are over 100,000 deaths relating to alcohol use. This includes fatalities from auto accidents, liver disease, and other alcohol related causes. One of the first signs of alcohol abuse is a change in the individual’s behavior. They also start getting involved in more fender bender An individual suffering from alcohol addiction becomes a recluse except when a party situation arises, and tends to withdraw from family members. In the final stage, he undergoes uncontrollable tremors and his drinking binges may go on for days at a time. In these severe cases, intervention can be h Most often it is a family member who has to intervene. Anyone who has a loved one suffering from alcohol addiction can help by talking to a drug and alcohol rehab counselor and finding out what they can do to help. When an individual ingests alcohol or other drugs without the experience of any negative consequences, she is indulging in drug use. When an individual undergoes negative consequence from alcohol or drugs use, then it is misuse. At some point in time, a large percentage of the general population mis