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Birmingham alabama Alcoholism

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • 2701 Jefferson Avenue SW
  • Birmingham,AL, 35211

  • Aletheia House
  • 4246 5th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35222

  • Aletheia House
  • 201 Finley Avenue West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35204

  • Birmingham Healthcare
  • 712 25th Street North
  • Birmingham,AL, 35203

  • Birmingham Metro Treatment Center
  • 151 Industrial Drive
  • Birmingham,AL, 35211

  • Bradford Health Services
  • 631 Beacon Parkway West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35209

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • 700 South 19th Street
  • Birmingham,AL, 35233

  • Fellowship House Inc
  • 1625 12th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35205

  • Jefferson County Committee for Econ
  • 228 2nd Avenue North
  • Birmingham,AL, 35204

  • Oakmont Center
  • 2008 21st Street Ensley
  • Birmingham,AL, 35218

  • Saint Annes Home Inc
  • 2772 Hanover Circle
  • Birmingham,AL, 35205

  • Tri County Treatment Center
  • 1101 East Park Drive
  • Birmingham,AL, 35235

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 1713 6th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35294

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 401 Beacon Parkway West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35209

Recent Articles
There are typically three steps that are included in alcoholism treatment after the diagnosis of the disorder has taken place: intervention, detoxification, and rehabilitation. Because many alcoholics do not realize that their drinking is out of control, intervention is often necessary. Once upon a The best approach is to assist individuals in realizing the adverse impact alcohol abuse is placing on their life, and on the lives of those close to them. They can strive for alcoholism treatment, which teaches them how to lead a more healthful and sober life. If family members and employers are ho Alcohol withdrawal is typically done in a controlled, supervised atmosphere, where medications is used to alleviate the painful withdrawal symptoms. In general, detoxification takes 4 to 7 days. In addition, an examination for other medical issue is imperative. For example, liver and blood clotting alcoholism treatment also teaches the individual the importance of eating a balanced diet with vitamin supplements. After detoxification, alcohol rehabilitation programs can help the recovering alcohol refrain from using alcohol in the future. These programs tend to provide counseling, psychological
When many soldiers and military personnel return home from war, they realize there’s a completely different battle awaiting them– drugs and alcohol. Military alcohol addiction plagues many veterans, who must not only fight to rid themselves of the harsh memories of war but of their addictions as Alcohol and drug abuse is not only common among individuals coming back from war, but also among individuals who are on active duty getting ready to go to war. It is hard to picture the same young soldiers in uniform lifting beer mugs while celebrating, shooting up heroin, smoking crack cocaine, or Much of the addiction veterans suffer from war is related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is an anxiety disorder that can happen after being exposed to any traumatic event that has threatened one’s life or loved one’s safety. Individuals who have been rape victims, and children, you PTSD is a serious reaction to a psychological trauma that overpowers an individual’s defenses. Symptoms can take the form of nightmares and flashbacks, insomnia, anger, hypersensitivity to normal life experiences and avoiding anything that could remind them of the traumatic event.