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Birmingham alabama Alcoholism

    Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • 2701 Jefferson Avenue SW
  • Birmingham,AL, 35211

  • Aletheia House
  • 4246 5th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35222

  • Aletheia House
  • 201 Finley Avenue West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35204

  • Birmingham Healthcare
  • 712 25th Street North
  • Birmingham,AL, 35203

  • Birmingham Metro Treatment Center
  • 151 Industrial Drive
  • Birmingham,AL, 35211

  • Bradford Health Services
  • 631 Beacon Parkway West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35209

  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • 700 South 19th Street
  • Birmingham,AL, 35233

  • Fellowship House Inc
  • 1625 12th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35205

  • Jefferson County Committee for Econ
  • 228 2nd Avenue North
  • Birmingham,AL, 35204

  • Oakmont Center
  • 2008 21st Street Ensley
  • Birmingham,AL, 35218

  • Saint Annes Home Inc
  • 2772 Hanover Circle
  • Birmingham,AL, 35205

  • Tri County Treatment Center
  • 1101 East Park Drive
  • Birmingham,AL, 35235

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 1713 6th Avenue South
  • Birmingham,AL, 35294

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • 401 Beacon Parkway West
  • Birmingham,AL, 35209

Recent Articles
Alcoholism is a form of drug addiction because the individual suffers from both physical and mental dependence on alcohol. There are 2 categories to this disease—abuse and dependence. An individual who is dependent on alcohol spends much time consuming alcohol, and obtaining it. Physical dependen The most chronic drinking behavior of Alcoholism involves prolonged drinking binges that result in mental or physical issues. Although some individuals can gain control over their dependence in the early stages before completing losing control, no one knows which heavy drinkers can accomplish this a No one knows the cause of alcoholic disease because there are many factors that may cause its development. A individual with an alcoholic parent is more likely to become an alcoholic than an individual who does not have the disease running in her immediate family. Although research indicates that sp An alcoholic may undergo psychological issues, including the need for relieving her anxiety, troubled relationships, depression, and lack of self-esteem. Social issues may arise as well, such as peer pressure, alcohol use being socially accepted, and a stressful lifestyle. Statistics show that appro
The majority of individuals who consume alcohol are social drinkers; the same goes for the majority of individuals who use drugs. Individuals who drink and use drugs socially consume the substance just to enhance the pleasure of typically pleasurable experiences. These individuals do not have any ki Some individuals who consume alcohol and/or take drugs end up abusing them. These individuals consume alcohol or drugs to assist them in changing how they perceive themselves or some area of their lives. These individuals may experience some issues relating to their alcohol or drug use; at the same A few individuals who consume alcohol or use drugs become alcoholics and/or addicts. Individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction undergo adverse consequences relating to drinking or using drugs but still do so in spite of these consequences. They also set limits on how much or how freque Social drinkers and drug users, substance abusers, and individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction often handle their relationships with alcohol and drugs in different ways. To the social drinker or drug user, there is no problem. If it does not affect him or those around him in an adverse