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Anchorage alaska Alcoholism

    Akeela Inc
  • 2804 Bering Street
  • Anchorage,AK, 99503

  • Alaska Human Services Inc/Outpatient
  • 750 East Fireweed Lane
  • Anchorage,AK, 99503

  • Alaska VA Healthcare Sys/Reg Office
  • 2925 DeBarr Road
  • Anchorage,AK, 99508

  • Booth Memorial
  • 3600 East 20th Avenue
  • Anchorage,AK, 99508

  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council Inc
  • 4330 Elmore Street
  • Anchorage,AK, 99508

  • Genesis Recovery Services Inc
  • 2825 West 42nd Avenue
  • Anchorage,AK, 99517

  • Narcotic Drug Treatment Center Inc
  • 520 East 4th Avenue
  • Anchorage,AK, 99501

  • Providence Alaska Medical Center
  • 3801 Lake Otis Parkway
  • Anchorage,AK, 99508

  • RITE Inc
  • 307 East Northern Lights Boulevard
  • Anchorage,AK, 99503

  • Salvation Army
  • 1709 Bragaw Street
  • Anchorage,AK, 99508

  • Volunteers of America Alaska
  • 1675 C Street
  • Anchorage,AK, 99501

Recent Articles
When many soldiers and military personnel return home from war, they realize there’s a completely different battle awaiting them– drugs and alcohol. Military alcohol addiction plagues many veterans, who must not only fight to rid themselves of the harsh memories of war but of their addictions as Alcohol and drug abuse is not only common among individuals coming back from war, but also among individuals who are on active duty getting ready to go to war. It is hard to picture the same young soldiers in uniform lifting beer mugs while celebrating, shooting up heroin, smoking crack cocaine, or Much of the addiction veterans suffer from war is related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is an anxiety disorder that can happen after being exposed to any traumatic event that has threatened one’s life or loved one’s safety. Individuals who have been rape victims, and children, you PTSD is a serious reaction to a psychological trauma that overpowers an individual’s defenses. Symptoms can take the form of nightmares and flashbacks, insomnia, anger, hypersensitivity to normal life experiences and avoiding anything that could remind them of the traumatic event.
Consuming alcohol is perilous for children and teens and sometimes for adults. Alcohol is a drug, which is most abused by teenagers. Many children report having their first drink at as early as age 10 or 11, some younger. In today’s society, it is not difficult for children to get the wrong impres Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it's a chemical substance that slows down the brain. Like several other drugs, alcohol can change how an individual’s thinks, speaks, and sees things, often in an adverse manner. The individual might become imbalanced, cries, or gets into arguments and fights with Besides inflicting damages to the body (e.g. liver disease), alcohol can also cause individuals to act or say things in a manner that they do not mean. They are also capable of hurting themselves or other people, especially while driving an automobile. An individual who has had too much to drink mig Because alcohol can result in serious issues, the citizens and government leaders in America have decided that children are prohibited from purchasing or using alcohol. By regulating the drinking age as 21, they hope more mature individuals will make proper decisions about alcohol. For example, peo