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    Parker Froyd and Associates
  • 14231 East 4th Avenue
  • Aurora,CO, 80011

  • Alternative Behaviors Counseling Inc
  • 1949 Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Lakewood,CO, 80214

  • Arapahoe House
  • 11495 West 8th Avenue
  • Lakewood,CO, 80215

  • ARTS Univ of CO Health Science Ctr
  • 393 South Harlan Street
  • Lakewood,CO, 80226

  • BI Incorporated
  • 2099 Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Lakewood,CO, 80214

  • Center for Recovery Inc
  • 11177 West 8th Avenue
  • Lakewood,CO, 80215

  • Creative Treatment Options
  • 1978 South Garrison Street
  • Lakewood,CO, 80227

  • Horizon Counseling
  • 3500 South Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Lakewood,CO, 80235

  • ICCS
  • 1651 Kendall Street
  • Lakewood,CO, 80214

  • Jefferson County Dept of Health and
  • 260 South Kipling Street
  • Lakewood,CO, 80226

  • Milestone Counseling Services Inc
  • 8533 West Colfax Avenue
  • Lakewood,CO, 80215

  • National Institute For Change
  • 3333 South Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Lakewood,CO, 80227

  • Parker Froyd and Associates
  • 610 Garrison Street
  • Lakewood,CO, 80215

  • Serenity Education and Therapy
  • 2255 South Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Lakewood,CO, 80227

  • Solace Counseling Services
  • 6655 West Jewell Avenue
  • Lakewood,CO, 80232

  • Touchstone Counseling Center
  • 777 South Wadsworth Boulevard
  • Lakewood,CO, 80226

Recent Articles
Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence not only affect adults in a negative manner, but also have an adverse effect on a substantial amount of adolescents and young adults between 12 and 20 years old. Although drinking under the age of 21 is illegal, teens still find ways of obtaining alcohol. Many be Most boys who experiment with alcohol tend to do so at around age 11 while girls try alcohol at around age 13. Statistics show that by the time most boys reach age 14, 41 percent of them have had least one drink. The average age for Americans to start drinking frequently is 15.9 years old. Teenagers who start drinking before age 15 are five times more likely to be alcohol dependent than those who start drinking at age 21. Moreover, more than 3 million teenagers are die-hard alcoholics, and many millions more have a severe drinking issue that they are incapable of handling on their own Yearly, more than 5,000 deaths of people below 21 years old are connected to underage drinking. The 3 main reasons of death for 15 to 24 year-olds are car crashes, homicides and suicides—alcohol is always the main factor in all three incidents. Binge drinking, often starts at around age 13 then i
Alcohol and DUI are a dangerous combination. Driving while intoxicated or drunk is harmful. Drivers with high blood alcohol content or concentration are at significantly elevated risks of car accidents, highway injuries and vehicular fatalities. Prevention measures include establishing DWI courts, s The fatalities resulting from alcohol and DUI are completely preventable. Although the rate of crashes that are associated with alcohol use has reduced significantly over the past few decades, there are still way too many accidents that occur as a result. Hence, despite the enormous progress, drivin The majority of drivers who have consumed alcohol have low blood alcohol content or concentration and few are involved in lethal automobile incidents. However, although only a few drivers have blood alcohol content that is higher than .15, a much higher rate of those drivers have crashes that are de The solution to lowering alcohol and DUI rates remain a challenge. Still, there are many actions that can be taken to reduce the problem. DWI courts, also referred to as DUI courts, sobriety courts, wellness courts or accountability courts can be particularly effective in lowering the drunk driving