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Tallahassee florida Alcoholism

    DISC Village Inc
  • 85 High Drive
  • Crawfordville,FL, 32326

  • A Life Recovery Center Inc
  • 449 West Georgia Street
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32301

  • Bethel Family Counseling/Outreach Ctr
  • 471 West Tennessee Street
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32301

  • DISC Village Inc
  • 3333 West Pensacola Street
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32304

  • DISC Village Inc
  • 603 North Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32301

  • Leon County Treatment Center
  • 3976 Woodville Highway
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32305

  • Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
  • 1616 Physicians Drive
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32308

  • Townsend Recovery LLC
  • 2260 Wednesday Street
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32308

  • Turn About Inc of Tallahassee
  • 2771 Miccosukee Road
  • Tallahassee,FL, 32308

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Consuming alcohol is perilous for children and teens and sometimes for adults. Alcohol is a drug, which is most abused by teenagers. Many children report having their first drink at as early as age 10 or 11, some younger. In today’s society, it is not difficult for children to get the wrong impres Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it's a chemical substance that slows down the brain. Like several other drugs, alcohol can change how an individual’s thinks, speaks, and sees things, often in an adverse manner. The individual might become imbalanced, cries, or gets into arguments and fights with Besides inflicting damages to the body (e.g. liver disease), alcohol can also cause individuals to act or say things in a manner that they do not mean. They are also capable of hurting themselves or other people, especially while driving an automobile. An individual who has had too much to drink mig Because alcohol can result in serious issues, the citizens and government leaders in America have decided that children are prohibited from purchasing or using alcohol. By regulating the drinking age as 21, they hope more mature individuals will make proper decisions about alcohol. For example, peo
When an individual has an alcohol problem, his best course of action is to seek alcohol treatment. One of the most important parts of this treatment is support, as the alcoholic has a much harder time defeating his battle if he has no one to help him. Peer support groups such as Al-anon can be parti If you would like to provide intervention for an alcoholic, do not do it yourself because the process can be very complex and risky. Find a counselor who can help you round up an intervention team, preferably people who have been negatively affected by the individual’s drinking, such as family, fr Each person who has been affected by the alcoholic’s drinking is advised to write him a letter, outlining the specific incidents where this has occurred. The letter should state that they want the alcoholic to receive alcohol treatment, and the actions they will take if he doesn’t go. They shoul When seeking alcohol treatment for the alcoholic, select a good treatment center and ensure they have a bed open. Practice the intervention with another member of the intervention team; one of you should play the patient. Use professionals to conduct the meeting and everyone should attempt to be lov