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Peoria illinois Alcoholism

    Alcohol and Related Counseling
  • 416 Main Street
  • Peoria,IL, 61602

  • Chidrens Home Association of Illinois
  • 404 NE Madison
  • Peoria,IL, 61603

  • Human Service Center
  • 228 NE Jefferson Street
  • Peoria,IL, 61654

  • Human Service Center of Peoria
  • 1200 Hamilton Boulevard
  • Peoria,IL, 61606

  • Human Services Center
  • 3420 North Rochelle Street
  • Peoria,IL, 61604

  • IL Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Servs
  • 7501 North University Street
  • Peoria,IL, 61614

  • IL Institute for Addiction Recovery at
  • 5409 North Knoxville Avenue
  • Peoria,IL, 61614

  • TAP Resources
  • 2390 West Nebraska Avenue
  • Peoria,IL, 61604

  • White Oaks Center
  • 3400 New Leaf Lane
  • Peoria,IL, 61654

  • White Oaks Knolls for Men
  • 2101 West Willow Knolls Road
  • Peoria,IL, 61614

  • Youth and Community Services
  • 1200 Hamilton Boulevard
  • Peoria,IL, 61606

Recent Articles
When alcohol enters the body, the liver breaks it down so it can be eradicated from your body. If you ingest more alcohol than the liver is capable of processing, an imbalance can occur, wounding the liver by disrupting its typical breakdown of protein, carbohydrates and fats. This is why alcohol an The ingestion of alcohol has three types of liver disease that are related to it. Fatty liver happens in nearly all people who drink heavily. The condition will get better after an individual ceases drinking. Alcoholic hepatitis is when the liver becomes inflamed; up to 35 percent of heavy drinkers Another example of the close association of alcohol and liver disease is alcoholic cirrhosis, which is the most dangerous type of alcohol-related liver disease. Around 10 to 20 percent of heavy drinkers get cirrhosis of the liver, generally after 10 or more years of heavy drinking. The symptoms of c The progression often sees heavy drinkers going from the fatty liver stage to alcoholic hepatitis and gradually to alcoholic cirrhosis; however, this progression depends on the patient. The chance of getting cirrhosis of the liver is especially high for individuals who drink heavily and have an addi
Consuming alcohol is perilous for children and teens and sometimes for adults. Alcohol is a drug, which is most abused by teenagers. Many children report having their first drink at as early as age 10 or 11, some younger. In today’s society, it is not difficult for children to get the wrong impres Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it's a chemical substance that slows down the brain. Like several other drugs, alcohol can change how an individual’s thinks, speaks, and sees things, often in an adverse manner. The individual might become imbalanced, cries, or gets into arguments and fights with Besides inflicting damages to the body (e.g. liver disease), alcohol can also cause individuals to act or say things in a manner that they do not mean. They are also capable of hurting themselves or other people, especially while driving an automobile. An individual who has had too much to drink mig Because alcohol can result in serious issues, the citizens and government leaders in America have decided that children are prohibited from purchasing or using alcohol. By regulating the drinking age as 21, they hope more mature individuals will make proper decisions about alcohol. For example, peo