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    Green Dragonfly/Illinois Medical
  • 1738 Washington Street
  • Waukegan,IL, 60085

  • Lake County Health Dept Behav Health
  • 3002 Grand Avenue
  • Waukegan,IL, 60085

  • Lake County Substance Abuse Program
  • 3004 Grand Avenue
  • Waukegan,IL, 60085

  • NICASA/Bridgehouse
  • 3016 Grand Avenue
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  • Northern Illinois Council on Alc and
  • 1113 Greenwood Avenue
  • Waukegan,IL, 60087

  • Renacer Latino Inc
  • 620 Washington Street
  • Waukegan,IL, 60085

  • The BAM Recovery House
  • 431 North Genesee Street
  • Waukegan,IL, 60085

  • The Counseling Center Inc
  • 33 North County Street
  • Waukegan,IL, 60085

Recent Articles
When children consume alcohol it poses a threat to the child and to society. Although the government and school systems have many programs in place that are geared toward getting children to abstain from alcohol, it is important to understand that alcohol and parenting go hand in hand. Underage drinking happens frequently and is viewed as a substantial issue by many individuals in America. Legislation has been passed to prevent individuals under 21 years old from buying or consuming alcohol; for the most part, this attempt has been futile. School alcohol education programs typical Despite all these efforts and the billions of dollars spent, young people are still consuming alcohol, with many starting to drink as early as 9 or 10 years old, hence spiraling into alcoholism in their later years. Drinking is seen all around the world; almost everyone drinks. While many ind The answer is alcohol is not a poison and it's not a magic potion that can solve an individual’s problems. What is important is how the alcohol is used. Individuals can either choose to abstain from drinking alcohol or drink responsibly and moderately. Abusing alcohol is completely unacceptable an
Abusing alcohol can cause severe health issues, with some being more serious than the individual had imagined. This often manifested as liver disease, a life-threatening illness. In addition, the abuse of alcohol can cause devastating issues in one’s household. Children of alcoholics often grown u Besides the health and domestic risks of alcohol abuse, there is also the issue of alcohol and your career. Besides families being destroyed, careers can be significantly damaged as well. The negative effects of drugs and alcohol often cause a downward spiral of the individual’s career. The If an individual works while under the influence of alcohol more often than not he undergoes mental and physical changes. These changes may cause him to make decisions or do things that he normally wouldn’t do. He becomes more prone to accidents in the workplace, and because alcoholism changes how The entire work organization suffers when alcohol become an issue in the workplace. An alcoholic may call in sick regularly or may be late all the time, and he always has an excuse as to why he couldn’t make it in on time or at all. The fact is, when employees don’t show up for work, the company