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Lafayette louisiana Alcoholism

    Acadiana Addiction Center
  • 3008 West Pinhook Road
  • Lafayette,LA, 70508

  • Acadiana Recovery Center
  • 401 West Vermillion Street
  • Lafayette,LA, 70501

  • Alternative Outpatient Services
  • 128 Demanade Boulevard
  • Lafayette,LA, 70503

  • Counseling Center
  • 334 East Farrel Road
  • Lafayette,LA, 70508

  • First Step Detox
  • University Medical Center
  • Lafayette,LA, 70596

  • Gatehouse Foundation Inc
  • 206 South Magnolia Street
  • Lafayette,LA, 70501

  • Lafayette Addictive Disorders Clinic
  • 302 Dulles Drive
  • Lafayette,LA, 70506

  • Saint Francis Foundation Inc
  • 1610 West University Street
  • Lafayette,LA, 70506

  • Vermilion Hospital for
  • 2520 North University Avenue
  • Lafayette,LA, 70507

Recent Articles
Alcoholism can affect individuals of any background, income level, social, ethnic, or age group. Alcoholism regularly affects individuals who are highly educated. Studies show that individuals who are unmotivated are less likely to suffer from alcoholism than individuals who are highly motivated. Alcohol and family issues are an age-old alliance because alcoholism is also referred to as a family disease. Many alcoholics have children. They also oftentimes have wives or husbands, parents, siblings, and other relatives. An alcoholic can completely disrupt family life and cause dangerous effect Alcohol may affect every family member in a different manner. A child may be affected by parental alcoholism even before she is born. When a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, her alcohol concentration level is passed onto the baby, therefore, the unborn baby’s alcohol concentration level matches he Generally, the more serious the mother’s alcoholism is during pregnancy, is the more serious the symptoms of FAS in the baby becomes. Infants born with FAS are underweight and shorter when compared to babies born without the syndrome. Further, their brain and skull sustain deformities, which can b
Abusing alcohol can cause severe health issues, with some being more serious than the individual had imagined. This often manifested as liver disease, a life-threatening illness. In addition, the abuse of alcohol can cause devastating issues in one’s household. Children of alcoholics often grown u Besides the health and domestic risks of alcohol abuse, there is also the issue of alcohol and your career. Besides families being destroyed, careers can be significantly damaged as well. The negative effects of drugs and alcohol often cause a downward spiral of the individual’s career. The If an individual works while under the influence of alcohol more often than not he undergoes mental and physical changes. These changes may cause him to make decisions or do things that he normally wouldn’t do. He becomes more prone to accidents in the workplace, and because alcoholism changes how The entire work organization suffers when alcohol become an issue in the workplace. An alcoholic may call in sick regularly or may be late all the time, and he always has an excuse as to why he couldn’t make it in on time or at all. The fact is, when employees don’t show up for work, the company