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Shreveport louisiana Alcoholism

    Brentwood Hospital
  • 1006 Highland Avenue
  • Shreveport,LA, 71101

  • Buckhalter Recovery Center
  • 527 Crockett Street
  • Shreveport,LA, 71101

  • Caddo and Bossier Center
  • 527 Crockett Street
  • Shreveport,LA, 71101

  • Center for Behavioral Health
  • 1303 Line Avenue
  • Shreveport,LA, 71101

  • Center for Families Inc
  • 864 Olive Street
  • Shreveport,LA, 71104

  • Council on Alcoholism/Drug Abuse of
  • 2000 Fairfield Avenue
  • Shreveport,LA, 71104

  • Doctors Hospital
  • 1130 Louisiana Avenue
  • Shreveport,LA, 71101

  • Horsemens Benevolent and Protective
  • 2000 Fairfield Avenue
  • Shreveport,LA, 71104

  • LA Association on Compulsive Gambling
  • 324 Texas Street
  • Shreveport,LA, 71162

  • Northwest Regional Center for
  • 6005 Financial Plaza
  • Shreveport,LA, 71129

  • Pines Treatment Center
  • 6240 Greenwood Road
  • Shreveport,LA, 71119

  • Step Up Inc
  • 1100 College Street
  • Shreveport,LA, 71104

  • Willis/Knighton South Hospital
  • 2520 Bert Kouns Street
  • Shreveport,LA, 71118

Recent Articles
One of the surest ways to rip a marriage apart is for a spouse to develop alcoholism. Alcohol and your marriage can be a sordid combination, one that can be particularly negative if your spouse didn't consume much alcohol before the marriage, but later develops the habit of getting drunk at t Alcoholism is a strange disease that incites strange behavior in the using spouse. Confiscating or discarding the alcohol only causes the alcoholic to become angrier and sneakier. It also seems as though the more you scream or plead the worse the situation gets. When you threaten to leave the marria When alcohol has affected your marriage, the non-alcoholic spouse is urged to take care of herself. By enrolling in a program such Al-Anon she can learn about the things that she has control over and what she cannot control, and how to live with a drinker whom she loves. The majority of individuals It is very difficult for the non-alcoholic spouse to accomplish this on her own, therefore, seeking a support group is highly recommended. If your marriage is being affected by alcoholism, the only way the alcoholic will stop drinking is if he wants to. This is why it is so important for the non-alc
An alcoholic always has troubling accepting that he needs help for his problem, but he should know that the quicker he seeks alcohol rehabilitation is the better chances he will have at achieving a successful recovery. If he harbors concerns about talking about his drinking problems with his health When seeking alcohol rehabilitation, the health care provider will ask the alcoholic a series of questions relating to her alcohol use. This is to determine if he actually has a drinking problem or not. The alcoholic should try to respond to these questions as honestly and as completely as possible. When receiving alcohol rehabilitation, the kind of treatment the alcoholic receives depends on how serious her alcoholism is, and what resources the community has available. Generally, treatment involves detoxification (ridding the body of all the alcohol in the system); consuming medications prescr Several alcohol rehabilitation services provide marital counseling and family therapy, since the support of family members is imperative to the recovery process. Most alcoholism treatment programs also involve Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings so the alcoholic can bond with others like her while le