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    Avery Road Combined Care
  • 14701 Avery Road
  • Rockville,MD, 20853

  • Avery Road Treatment Center
  • 14703 Avery Road
  • Rockville,MD, 20853

  • Journeys for Women Adult Program
  • 402 Hungerford Drive
  • Rockville,MD, 20850

  • Lawrence Court
  • 1 Lawrence Court
  • Rockville,MD, 20850

  • Metro Counseling Services Inc
  • 15719 Crabbs Branch Way
  • Rockville,MD, 20855

  • Montgomery County Dept Health/Human
  • 751 Twinbrook Parkway
  • Rockville,MD, 20851

  • Montgomery Recovery Services Inc
  • 14636 Rothgeb Drive
  • Rockville,MD, 20850

  • OACES Corporation
  • 416 Hungerford Drive
  • Rockville,MD, 20850

  • Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health
  • 14901 Broschart Road
  • Rockville,MD, 20850

  • Suburban Hospital Addiction Trt Center
  • 6001 Montrose Road
  • Rockville,MD, 20852

  • White Flint Recovery Inc
  • 14636 Rothgeb Drive
  • Rockville,MD, 20850

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Alcohol and DUI are a dangerous combination. Driving while intoxicated or drunk is harmful. Drivers with high blood alcohol content or concentration are at significantly elevated risks of car accidents, highway injuries and vehicular fatalities. Prevention measures include establishing DWI courts, s The fatalities resulting from alcohol and DUI are completely preventable. Although the rate of crashes that are associated with alcohol use has reduced significantly over the past few decades, there are still way too many accidents that occur as a result. Hence, despite the enormous progress, drivin The majority of drivers who have consumed alcohol have low blood alcohol content or concentration and few are involved in lethal automobile incidents. However, although only a few drivers have blood alcohol content that is higher than .15, a much higher rate of those drivers have crashes that are de The solution to lowering alcohol and DUI rates remain a challenge. Still, there are many actions that can be taken to reduce the problem. DWI courts, also referred to as DUI courts, sobriety courts, wellness courts or accountability courts can be particularly effective in lowering the drunk driving
Alcohol suffocates nerves that control normal actions, including breathing. A lethal dose of alcohol will gradually cease these operations, hence alcohol poisoning. Frequently, an individual who drinks heavy quantities of alcohol vomits because alcohol is an irritant to the abdominal area. There is An individual's blood alcohol concentration can continue to elevate even while she is unconscious. Even after she ceases consuming alcohol, it is still in her stomach and intestine and still travels into the bloodstream and flows throughout the body. It is unwise to assume that an individual will be When an individual suffers from alcohol poisoning she may undergo mental confusion, stupor, coma, inability to be awakened, vomiting, seizures, reduced and labored breathing, irregular breathing, reduced body temperature (hypothermia), bluish skin tone, or paleness. It is important to know these signals. In addition, waiting for all the signs to appear can also be dangerous. If the individual has “passed out”, it is possible that she could die. If you suspect alcohol overdose in an individual, do not attempt to guess how drunk she is, instead call 911 for a